Itazura na Kiss invades the top spot for anime series

If you’ve been reading manga online or via hard copy, you already heard about Itazura na kiss being one of the best romantic manga series in this generation. It is a romantic comedy story that focuses on a higher school girl named Kotoko who falls in love with a senior named Naoki. Kotoko has loved him from afar since she saw him on their first day in senior high school. However, Naoki, a hottie who’s incredibly known for being a genius and proficient at almost everything like sports, rejects her offhand. But then fate intervenes their lives when a mild earthquake ruin Kotoko’s family house. While the house is still under construction, Kotoko and her father remains at the house of her dad’s childhood friend, whose son is Naoki. Though the two have different principles, habits and interests in life, Naoki eventually falls for Kotoko and begins to have romantic and protective feelings on her.

Because of its witty dialogue and funny scenes, this manga series landed the spot as one of the top anime series of all time. The evidence of its popularity is proven as it was adopted in several television dramas including Taiwanese, Korean, and Japanese.


Some people believed that the female protagonist in this anime series play an important role in its success. Here’s why:


Kotoko Aihara is just a regular shoujo girl, but she’s not the typical smart, rich girl that is often seen on movies. She’s so sweet and clumsy but sometimes could be TOO naïve. She’s also a little stupid, clumsy, cute, adorable, and will do everything to make a guy like her. Her determination helped catch Naoki’s attention even though he had declined her love for many times. She appears like a happy go lucky high school girl without dreams or hopes except to stay beside Naoki’s side forever, to the point that she even decides to become a nurse for his sake. But because her determination and hopes work out, she become a great nurse, it’s like she’s intended for this job.


Yeah, Kotoko’s not a dream girl, but her character inspired a lot of women to fight or the love of their life no matter how and what it takes.


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